It is all fun and margaritas when you first book a cruise.  What does that ticket that can actually be a dozen pages long provide you and what does it take away from you?  More than you may realize.

            It is not until something happens that you realize how restricitve that ticket can be.  There are actually seven areas that you sign away just because you buy a cruise ticket.

  • ‘The right to privacy.  You give the cruise line the right at all times, with or without notice to search your property.  They can also use pictures and videos of you in promotional material at will and without compensation.
  • The right to show your own pictures.  You have actually agreed to not utilize any photographs for non-private use without the permission of the cruise line.  So much for that travel blog you were going to do.
  • The right to recover if your personal property is stolen.  The ticket limits loss to $50 per person and $100 per stateroom.
  • The right to actually count on that vacation.  They can cancel at any time for any reason or nor reason without any penalty in most cases.
  • The right to sue where you want.  Cruise ships are registered in Panama or Liberia and the cruise ship decides where any litigation will occur.
  • The right to ask for punitive damages.  Unless you are able to prove extreme recklessness the chance for punitive damages are minimal at the very best.
  • The right to be legitimately upset.  Unless you personally were the one harmed the contract denies your ability to sue for emotional distress.  You could take a cruise to calm down but you may a lawyer with you on that one as well.

            Nothing here is meant to dissuade you from taking a cruise or any other vacation.  Rather, you simply need to be aware of the realities of contracts and what you are agreeing to in advance.  If you have questions in this area please feel free to call the Law Office of Guenard and Bozarth.  We can be reached at 888-809-1075 or at