In the last 2 weeks, a motorcycle accident claimed the life of an Elk Grove Resident.  Out of respect for the family and their grieving process I am not mentioning his name and I am not going to recount many specifics of the accident.  Suffice it to say it was horrible and, like so many other accidents, could have been prevented.

            There are few facts that matter and I am going to talk about those to other riders in an effort to warn them and to make them aware that, should something like this happen to you, there are things that can be done.

            In this specific case, after the rider fell from the motorcycle, he was hit by 2 vehicles that were following behind him and one of those was a big rig truck.  The truck driver stated at the scene that his air brakes went out and that he did not even see or know what he hit until later.  There are 2 red flags for me at this point.  I am seeing a lot of  (and this is increasing)  accidents involving big rig trucks and I almost never see a case where the air brakes actually went out.  The second area that troubles me is that the driver did not see or even know what he had run over until he stopped his truck.  This accident happened at 4:30 AM and it is doubtful that traffic was a major issue at that hour.  Lack of attention could possibly have been a major issue in this accident.  Any time you are operating a vehicle on a road in the State of California you have a duty to keep your vehicle under your control and a duty to maintain the safety features of the vehicle you are driving.  I think we can all agree that brakes are just one of the safety features.

            Should you ever become involved in a motorcycle or big rig accident it is imperative that you seek immediate medical care and that you have a competent attorney review the facts of your case.  Never take the word of anyone at the scene, even a police officer for who was at fault.  We have seen too many cases where the initial police report placed fault on the rider and reality ended up as responsibility was the fault of the other driver.  Frequently, in a motor cycle accident, the rider is taken by ambulance to the hospital and the only operator left to give a report was the at-fault driver.  Keep this in mind!

            If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident you would be well advised to talk with one of our attorneys.  We can be reached 24 hours a day at 888-809-1075 or at