If you ride a motorcycle on the California highways, keep an eye out for some of the most common dangers on the road. Sometimes, you can protect yourself from being in an accident by being a skilled rider and In other cases, the best you can do is to survive.

Common Accident’s

       Almost 75% of motorcycle accidents in California involve the motorcycle and another vehicle colliding.  Usually, the collision is between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, so the motorcyclist is much more likely to be injured. In over 60% of these wrecks, the motorcyclist had their right-of-way violated by the car.

       Bright colors did bring down the amount and severity of accidents involving more than one vehicle. Red, orange and yellow vests and jackets do make a difference.

       The most common wreck involving motorcycles and cars was the car turning left in front of the motorcycle’s path of travel.  This is a clear right-of-way situation and frequently results in injuries to the rider.

       Males between 16 and 24 years old are those who are most likely to be injured in motorcycle accidents and Women are also over represented relative to how many of them ride. Males between 30 and 50 have much lower accident rates.

Take a Class, Ride Frequently

       The groups that are over represented in motorcycle accidents include people who didn’t take any training and those who are young. Experience and education do matter for motorcyclists.  Those who have a history of traffic citations also have higher rates of motorcycling accidents.

       One significant statistic is directly related to training. Most training courses recommend that motorcyclists give themselves 2 seconds of time between their motorcycles and other vehicles on the road. In the majority of accidents, the motorcyclist had less than 2 seconds to fully react to the situation.


       Helmets are required in California. This doesn’t go over well with some riders but, overall, the majority of deadly injuries were suffered to the head and to the chest. There have been no findings that show an increase in accident rates due to riders wearing helmets.

      Finally, motorcycles with fairings and windshields were involved in fewer accidents than those without. These motorcycles are easier to see from the front, and that may have reduced the rate of injury accidents among such motorcycles.

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