I was driving into my office Tuesday morning and came upon an early morning scene that none of us really want to see.  Flashing lights and several emergency vehicles working an accident in an intersection.  The intersection happened to be Grantline and Pleasant Grove School Road and there was a Ford 4X4 truck in the road and a motorcycle crashed and on its side.

            As I waited for the area to clear I was able to see the ambulance speeding away with lights and siren on.  I assumed the rider was being taken care of by Paramedics and EMTs.  My first thoughts went to the rider and I hope they are not too seriously injured and that they make a fast and full recovery.  My second thoughts went to the Elk Grove Police Officers and the members of the Consumnes Fire Department and the fact that they were there and were doing everything they could to help the rider get the additional care they required.

            It struck me as I sat there how rapidly our lives can change.  This rider simply got out of bed, ate breakfast and then went to work.  This was the same thing we all did that morning.  The rider’s morning ended in a very different manner and his future mornings may never be the same again.  Depending on the severity of his injuries, he could be laid up for a couple of days or may have to alter every morning for the rest of his life.  All of this happened apparently because the driver of a truck did not see the rider for whatever reason and pulled into an intersection.

            This is why we represent as many motorcycle riders as we do.  You are simply more vulnerable on a motorcycle than you are in a car and that is a fact.  Should you become involved in an accident you are likely to be more severely injured than you would be in a car. It is also a fact that the drivers of the other cars around you are required by law to give you the same respect they give to cars.  That is a fact that is often ignored.

            If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident, please call the law office of Guenard and Bozarth at 888-809-1075.  We offer aggressive and compassionate representation and work to preserve your rights and help you get compensated for your injuries.  We have experienced attorneys available 24 hours a day and we will come to your home or to the hospital if that is what it takes.  We can also be found on line at http://www.gblegal.com