Professional Boxer Paul Williams was injured in a severe motorcycle accident that occurred recently near Atlanta.  He suffered spinal cord injuries that have left him paralyzed.  The former featherweight champion is due to undergo stabilization surgery soon.  According to reports, he was riding his motorcycle near in the Southeast, when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle when it seems he lost control of his motorcycle. 

            The reports are that he was on his way home from his brother’s bachelor’s party at the time of the accident when he lost control. According to his doctors, it is highly unlikely that Williams will ever be able to use the lower part of his body again.  Doctors have already been able to temporarily stabilize his spinal cord to some extent.  However, he still requires additional surgery and it is impossible at this point in time to predict how he will respond to treatment.  Early reports are that he has full use of his arms and the stabilization surgery will help assure that continues.

            This accident again illustrates the incredible dangers that motorcyclists face whenever they ride.  A motorcyclist has little to no protection from serious injuries in an accident.  A motorcycle helmet may protect a motorcyclist from the risk of severe or fatal injuries.  In fact, according to one study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists who are wearing helmets during an accident are much less likely to suffer serious head injuries, compared to non-helmeted motorcyclists and wearing a helmet almost guarantees that a motorcyclists is likely to run up lower medical costs, compared to non-helmeted motorcyclists.

            However, a helmet is no guarantee of protection against head injuries.  A motorcyclist who is wearing a helmet can also suffer serious head injuries during a devastating crash.  Besides, motorcyclists are likely to be exposed to a number of other injuries.  For instance, there is no protection that motorcyclists can have against the kind of spinal cord injury that Williams has suffered.  Spinal cord injuries can leave victims paralyzed, and dramatically alter the quality of a person’s life.

            What is very concerning to many California motorcycle accident attorneys is the fact that federal transportation agencies are reporting that there was actually an increase in motorcycle accident fatalities in California last year.  The final statistics are not yet in, but according to preliminary data available for last year, California saw an almost 10% increase in motorcycle accident fatalities in 2011!  The reason for this increase is speculative but may have to do with the cost of fuel and people doing whatever they can to cut costs.

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