There was a tragic accident at a local speedway Saturday evening and a race car driver paid the ultimate price participating in a sport he loved.  Our thoughts are with his family and the spectators that witnessed the event and what happened bears a closer view.

            This man was doing something he loved and something he had done countless times.  He was fully protected with a seat harness, full faced helmet, a driving suit, driving glasses, gloves and likely even a fire suppression system in his specially designed racing car and he was driving with a group of people that were all specially licensed to be doing the same thing he was doing at the same place.  While it is too early to speculate, it appears that something may have broken in the car and as a result the race car went head on into a tire barrier at about 45 mph with no evidence of braking at all.  The paramedics were already on the scene and they responded within moments and started CPR as soon as it became evident that was the next course of action. 

            When it became evident that revival was not a possibility the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.  This does not appear to be a failure of the safety equipment in the car and as of this writing no actual cause has been decided.  This was what they refer to as a racing accident.  On our local roads events like this are just referred to as a car accident. 

            Most all of us do what this driver did.  We buckle up.  We make sure that our cars have good tires, have steering that works as designed and that we are in a state of mind that will allow us to operate a motor vehicle in safe and appropriate manner.  As we hear on the news things still happen.  People are injured and die every day on the local roads even after they take all the reasonable precautions.  The answer is not to stay home rather the answer is to be more vigilant and aware whenever you are behind the wheel and hope the other drivers are doing the same.  The sad reality is they are not and knowing that is one of the best defenses you have to arrive at your destination, either local or long distance that you might have.

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