Driving an older model vehicle could place you at a much higher risk of injuries than you ever thought possible.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving an older vehicle increase’s a person’s risk of being in injured in an accident.

        Late in June 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report titled An Analysis of Recent Improvements to Vehicle Safety.  As an integral part of its report, the agency analyzed the role that vehicle safety improvements and auto safety technologies have played in the declining auto accident injury and fatality rates.

        It would be hard to deny that driving in 2012 is much safer than it was a decade ago.  Over the past several years, there have been dramatic declines in the number of people killed and injured in auto accidents around the country.  The analysts at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration worked to determine what kind of safety technologies are specifically responsible for reducing accident, injury and fatality rates.  The analysts compared a 2008 model car with a 2000 model car.

        The agency found that the likelihood of being involved in a car accident in 100,000 miles of driving dropped from 30% for a 2000 model, to 25% for a 2008 car.  People who drive older cars also seem to be at a much higher risk of injuries.  A person driving a 2000 model car had a 79% risk of walking away from a crash uninjured, while for a person driving a 2008 model car, the chances were approximately 82%.

        The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration further found that car improvements that were made to newer cars have prevented as many as 700,000 accidents since 2000 alone.  In 2008 alone, as many as 2000 lives were saved in accidents as a result of these vehicle safety improvements.  Improvements such as anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, air bags and side air bags and heads up displays allow drivers to be in a safer position during an accident without proactively doing anything because these features work independently of the driver.

        A final word of advice from federal safety regulators – in order to reduce the risk of injuries and increase your chances of walking away from a car accident, drive a newer model car.  These cars come with increased safety technologies, some of which have become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade.

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