When serious car accidents involving pedestrians are reported in the news, people often picture a hit-and-run driver, a drunken motorist or a distracted driver.  Much of the time, they are right and when we sit at home we frequently sit and wonder if texting or some form of distracted driving could be to blame. But if pedestrians aren’t careful, they can cause and be found liable for accidents, too.

            “Distracted walking” is apparently becoming a big enough problem that many state lawmakers are taking notice and have decided to do something about it.  In one state, for example, people who cross train tracks while talking on their cell phone, or while texting, can be fined $50.  Many of us even saw the person in the Mall of America last year that was texting and walked into a fountain because she was walking distracted.

            The number of injuries resulting from accidents involving pedestrians who are distracted by their cell phones appears to be on the rise. One study estimates that the number of distracted walking accidents is increasing by about 180 per year.  On a recent trip to Disneyland I noticed at the end of the Autopia ride that the kids waiting for the ride to end were almost all talking on their phones behind the wheel there!  They are at Disneyland and feel the need for a distraction!  Wow!

            One woman recently read about a rash of accidents involving distracted walking and decided to make a big change: She says that she will no longer talk or text on her phone while she is walking. She says that it does not matter how big a town or city someone lives in; pedestrians have to be as aware of their surroundings as drivers do.

            She’s certainly right. On the flip side of the coin, far more accidents involving pedestrians are indeed caused by careless drivers. As Americans, we have learned to be understandably fixated on our mobile devices, but it should never get in the way of safety. If only people would realize that turning off their phone could prevent an accident and perhaps save a life.

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