Almost always when you hear about a bicycle accident, it is the cyclist who is the victim. Bicycle riders are required by law to ride in the street along the side of the road and a car hits them because the driver of the car isn’t paying close enough attention. That is a typical presentation of a bicycle accident.

            An extreme and rare bike accident occurred in San Francisco and the facts are turning that typical presentation on its end.  The bicyclist, in this case is the perpetrator.  There were numerous eye witnesses that reported that he was negligently plowing through intersections, even against a red light before ramming into and killing an elderly man who was legally crossing the street after the bicyclist could not stop.

            The rider was travelling down a hill on a quest to break his own personal speed record, blowing through stop signs, stop lights and intersections on his way. When he reached the fateful intersection, the lights began to change and, in his own words, the bicyclist was “too committed” and had to go through the light. By the time he reached the other side, the crosswalk was full of pedestrians.  This is becoming a more and more common pursuit in San Francisco and there are even websites devoted to posting your personal best time with the dare that someone might beat the time.

            Later, in details provided about the incident in a blog post, which has since been removed, the 36-year-old biker said he “laid it down” and aimed for the “least-populated place” of the crosswalk — yet a 71-year-old pedestrian lost his life in the accident.  The 36-year-old cyclist has been charged with felony manslaughter, which could get him a maximum of six years in prison.

            One of our attorneys is a competitive rider and stories like this hit close to home. One rider like this can place many more in jeopardy.  Bicyclists are often the victim in serious or fatal accidents, and it is often because of negligent or reckless drivers. However, in this case, the biker’s actions are difficult to defend. He showed the same recklessness of a car or truck driver that ends up with the same result and causes an accident with serious or fatal injuries.

            Not every accident is what it appears to be on its surface.  If you or a loved one has been in an accident you need an experienced lawyer to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action.  The Law Office of Guenard & Bozarth has experienced lawyers who are prepared to work with you to file and settle your claims.  For a free personal consultation with one of our experienced lawyers please call 888-809-1705 or go to and fill out our contact form and we will contact you.