It’s no secret to anyone paying attention that the rate of alcohol-related car accidents increases on weekends.  However, new research indicates that the fatality rate among victims who have suffered a head injury among weekends is also much higher compared to weekdays.  The rate of fatalities seems to be high even among those victims who have suffered even moderate head injuries. The research was conducted at Johns Hopkins University.  Researchers analyzed samples from 2006 to 2008, including records of almost 40,000 patients.  These patients were aged between 65 and 89 years.  Close to 30% of these patients were admitted to the hospital on the weekend.

            Researchers found that those who were admitted into the hospital with head injuries on a weekend were approximately 14% more likely to die from their injuries, compared to patients who were admitted between Mondays and Fridays.

            The researchers believe that this has a lot to do with staffing present in healthcare facilities on a weekend.  The weekend typically sees fewer doctors and nurses on duty and many of the physicians on duty are fill in for the physician that has taken some time off.  Further, in many hospitals, there may be delays in getting some of the most highly skilled doctors like neurosurgeons to the hospital in time to treat a patient with a severe head injury.

            Researchers also found that seniors are at a much higher risk of fatality from such head injuries during weekends.  Senior citizens who suffered from head injuries during the weekend were much more likely to die from their injuries, compared to those who suffered head injuries during weekdays.  This was due in part to the specific needs of the senior patient.

            There are no medical reasons why a person should have a higher risk of dying from a head injury, if they are involved in a vehicle accident, workplace accident or slip and fall accident over the weekend.  The main cause of these higher fatality rates is the fact that there are fewer staff numbers in the hospital during weekends, and lower access to specialty medical personnel.

            According to the researchers it can be shown that one of the main causes of a fatality from head injuries during the weekends is the lack of access to quality emergency medical care immediately after the injury.  The researchers recommend that hospitals look into staffing facilities at the same level, both on weekends as well as weekdays.

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