That’s right… Except in the Sacramento region!  The likelihood is that since you are reading this, you live in the Sacramento region and traffic deaths are down in every region statewide with the exception of Sacramento according to the State Office of Traffic Safety (  The facts behind this should concern every one of us.

            Interviews with members of law enforcement, particularly the CHP, say that at least half of those deaths could have been avoided with the use of seatbelts and avoidance of alcohol.  The OTS went on to explain that during the Labor Day period of 2010, the last year that statistics are available for, 29 people died in auto accidents and of those 19 were not wearing seat belts.  When that number is combined with the decreased staffing of medical care facilities as we previously reported in this blog, you have a deadly combination.

            At Guenard and Bozarth we represent people who have been seriously injured in accidents.  The reality is we would rather keep you safe than represent you and this is what we write these blogs.  Please remember to buckle your seat belt, never drive after you have been drinking, never drive while you are tired, never text and drive, always drive in a defensive mode and be consistent in driving in a defensive manner.  These things go without saying.  The problems arise when the other driver violates one or more of these rules.

            Should you end up in an accident you still need to protect yourself.  Take pictures with your phone, get the names of the other driver, names of witnesses and what they said at the scene, get medical care as soon as you can if you are injured and expect that stories will change from the other drivers point of view in the coming hours.  The more the other driver asks that the police not be called the greater the need to call them.  With police resources decreasing you may have to leave a report by phone and that is superior to no report at all. 

            You should have your case evaluated by a Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible especially if the other drivers insurance company wants to settle right away.  We are the Law office of Guenard and Bozarth and we represent seriously injured people like you.  The definition of a serious injury is an injury that YOU have as a result of someone else.  You can reached an experienced Injury Lawyer at 888-809-1075 24 hours a day or you can visit our web site at and fill out our contact sheet and while you are these you can download our free report “10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case”