My family and I were sitting at home last night watching the news when we learned of an accident on I-5 that took the lives of 4 people and seriously injured 7 more.  3 people in one car perished and the driver of another died at the scene while, according to eyewitnesses, others were ejected from at least one of the vehicles.  This is a horrible scene for everyone, including the witnesses and first responders, and our thoughts go out to all those involved at any level.

            Accidents like this demonstrate that whenever you are behind the wheel, things can change in a moment without notice.  Being aware at all times while scanning the road ahead and to the side never decreases in importance.  Maintaining a safe vehicle for you and the occupants of your car is also critical at all times.  Seatbelts matter and do in fact save lives because they prevent you from being ejected in the event of a serious accident such as the one yesterday.

            This accident happened on Interstate 5 where the freeway had no center divider.  A Southbound Ford SUV hit a Northbound Honda Accord head-on with an impact of 100 mph or possibly more.  Center dividers are designed to prevent these types of accidents.  Had there been a center divider this accident may have been avoided, or at least the vehicles in the northbound lanes would not have been involved.

            At the end of the day it’s critical to be vigilant on all roads and some require even greater vigilance than others.  Roads without a center divider, roads that are foggy, wet or icy, roads you are driving on at night and roads that are likely to have tired drivers such as skiers coming home from the slopes are potentially dangerous.  While we all expect that the other driver is doing what they should to keep everyone safe, it’s not always the case.  That’s where our office gets involved.

            If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident of any sort I would encourage you to call the Law Office of GB Legal.  We will met with you without cost and answer your questions.  We can be reached at 888-809-1075 or on-line at  We have an experienced California personal injury attorney that will take your call 24/7/365.  We Can Help!