Did you know that you are more likely to be the victim of a drunk driving accident through the month’s of November and December than you are during any other time of the year.  This is especially true for California residents as we record more of these accidents than any other state year after year.  California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers know that and they’re going to be out in full force in an attempt to make our roadways safer. CHP officers will be conducting checkpoint operations, DUI Proactive Overtime Enforcement Operations as well as DUI Task Force Operations. 
            “Impaired driving is more than a social issue, it’s a criminal issue,” says CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow.  In fact, the office or Traffic Safety has built an entire education program around this concept for both the radio and television.  The Sacramento and Elk Grove accident and injury attorneys of Guenard and Bozarth know all to well that the end of the year comes with some joyous occasions, but these occasions also come with an increase in the risks for a drunk driving car accident. During November and December we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, and it’s football season and winter break for students around the state. All of these events help to make the last 8 weeks of the year the most dangerous of them all.


Drunk Driving:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were more than 10,225 people who were killed in drunk driving car accidents in 2010. These traffic fatalities accounted for more than 30 percent of all traffic fatalities during the year. The state of California logged the most of these accidents. The truth of the matter is that all of these accidents are completely preventable.


Football Season:

It’s that time of year again — college football! That means there and parties and cookouts to celebrate our state’s fine athletic programs. Football season is one of the most dangerous times for drunk driving car accidents. This year, we’re asking all football fans to get a designated driver on their team.

Holiday Drunk Driving:

During holiday periods, your risks for a drunk driving car accident are higher than ever. Residents like to get out and celebrate with friends and family members. Oftentimes these celebrations involve alcohol. That’s not a problem, as long as they have a designated driver, use public transportation or stay at a safe place.  Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is never an acceptable option.


Teenage Drivers:

You may think that teenage drivers aren’t an increased threat this time of year because after all, they aren’t allowed to drink legally so they won’t — WRONG!   About a third of all teenage drivers who die in car crashes return a positive blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.  Talk with your teen today about the risks involved with drinking and driving.  Make sure you talk with the teenage driver in your family about the dangers of drinking and driving. It’s a talk that could save their life.


The reality is that mistakes happen and when you combine cars and alcohol these mistakes can become tragic.  If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident of any sort I would encourage you to call the Law Office of GB Legal.  We will met with you without cost and answer your questions.  We can be reached at 888-809-1075 or on-line at www.gblegal.com.  We have an experienced California personal injury attorney that will take your call 24/7/365.  We Can Help!