We often write about the dangers and results from distracted driving and the long term consequences for all of us.  Frequently, we refer only to texting and talking on a cellular phone while driving while noting that there are more than a few laws that prohibit this activity.  Did you know that there are laws that were on the books before cell phones were ever introduced in California and that these new laws that highlight cell phones are just additional laws on this same subject?

            Distracted driving is distracted driving no matter the reason.  This includes behind the wheel activities like eating, reading a book (yes, we have seen this), applying makeup during the morning commute, changing a radio station all the way to feeding a child while driving.  All of these events fall under the umbrella of distracted driving and every one of these can lead to an accident that can cause injury or even death.  All of these are illegal based on the vehicle code and this is why the initial laws were written.

            Californians are some of the most mobile people in the nation and among the most reliant on our automobiles.  Here in the Sacramento area you cannot predict whether your daily commute will be 15 minutes or 35 minutes and many drivers wait until the last possible moment to get on the road.  They drive distracted with the idea that since they are driving slower than the speed limit they can focus less on driving and the responsibility they have to the other drivers on the road.  While this is completely false it happens nonetheless.  This is where accidents happen and people get injured.  When people get injured is where we get involved.

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