For years, motorcyclists, safety advocates and almost everyone in between with an opinion have been debating the effectiveness motorcycle helmet laws, laws that require every motorcycle rider in California, irrespective of age or level of experience, to wear a helmet at all times when on a motorcycle. Helmet advocates believe that helmets are the best way to protect motorcyclists from serious injury and death. Motorcyclists say they should be able to decide whether or not to wear a helmet for themselves.

            While helmets are always a hot topic among motorcyclists and safety advocates, almost no attention is paid to other methods of protecting motorcyclists from other, less-severe injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents, such as serious lacerations, cuts and bruises.  A recent California motorcycle accident involving a high-profile Disney star may change that fact.

            The motorcycle accident involved Logan Henderson, a singer and actor who was made famous by Disney’s “Big Time Rush.”  Henderson was riding his motorcycle in Southern California when a car suddenly turned directly in front of him. In order to avoid a head-on collision with the car, Henderson was forced to quickly swerve his motorcycle.

            The force of his swerving motion caused Henderson to lose control of and be thrown from his motorcycle. Fortunately he only suffered cuts and bruises on his back.   Later he attributed the relative minor injuries to the designer safety jacket he was wearing at the time of the crash. It is not known whether he was also wearing a helmet.

            Due to the high profile nature of the rider it is now possible that leather jackets will become hotly debated as a new and essential method of motorcycle injury prevention?  Possibly.   The result of this accident makes it clear that a lot more than a helmet goes into protecting motorcyclists from serious injury and while helmets are important, they are not the only thing that can prevent motorcycle accident injuries.  Specially designed jackets and pants can protect a rider from road rash, boots can protect a rider’s legs and feet and a helmet can obviously protect the head.  All of these items together only to serve to minimize the damage to the rider once the accident begins.

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