We are incredibly fortunate to live in California. Our weather is typically good year round which allows motorcyclists to ride almost any time of year. Recently we’ve blogged about some of the advancements in safety gear and we are all better off as a result of this new and improved safety gear. This week we are writing about a basic that we all know about and may not be paying the level of attention it deserves. Proper footwear.
As a personal injury attorney I am always fearful when I see someone riding wearing tennis shoes or, worse yet flip flops. The reality is that when you are riding on a hot California day and you are wearing a helmet, leather pants, jacket and boots you are aware that something bad can happen. While there is no need to make it the focal point you have to be aware and prepared just like you have batteries in your smoke detector because you are aware and prepared that there could be a fire.
One of the most common injuries sustained by a rider or a passenger in a motorcycle accident is to the legs and feet. In fact, after severe road rash this is the most often heard complaint and it can be the longest lasting and most damaging.
Frequently the first thing to feel the impact is the legs and feet because they are closest to the ground and can serve to break your fall. If you look at any motor officer you will notice knee high riding boots. These both intimidate and protect. The primary reason that a motor officer wears them is to protect their legs and feet in the event of a collision or fall. Much like a high top tennis show will protect your ankle while playing a sport, a high top boot will protect your leg in the event of an accident or a fall.
Fashion statement? Hardly! Then again, neither is a crushed ankle or broken leg. You can decide which is easier to handle long term and I believe you will find a high top riding boot to be the better long term choice.
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