In keeping with this month’s topic of motorcycle safety we are ending the month on the topic of gloves. So far this month we have talked about body armor, the latest in helmet technology and why what you wear on your feet can make a difference. While all of this can make a dramatic difference it can reasonably be predicted that when any human falls the first thing they will do to break their fall is to extend their hands and arms. This is where gloves you wear come in.
10 years ago it was not uncommon to see a rider wearing a pair of gardening gloves and in some cases not wearing gloves at all. While this is less common today, you will still see riders that evidently place minimal value on the long term safety of their hands. There are gloves made today that have the potential to save your hands, wrists and arms in the case of an accident or a fall. One such glove is made by Alpinestar’s®* and, while they are pricey ($299.95), so are your hands.
These gloves are designed for safety and performance and they saved the cosmetics for the end. They have designed a 3rd and 4th finger bridge that protects against “finger roll” and potential seam bursts during an impact. The leather used is reinforced with a cross patterned leather and that has a layer of Kevlar® which is what bulletproof vests are made of. The seams on the fingers have external seams and they have injected the wrist area to improve both impact and abrasion resistance. The top of the glove is further reinforced with knit Kevlar® and has abrasion resistant Pittards Armor- Tan leather at critical areas. In short, the fit, finish and design of this glove is simply there for your protection.
This is one more thing you can do to provide protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, with or without great gloves, you should call our office at 888-809-1075. We work with motorcycle riders and we understand the potential for injury and the long term results. We can help you and your bike because this is what we do! Call the Law Office of Guenard and Bozarth at 888-809-1075 or visit the motorcycle section of our web page at We are available 24/7/365 and we can help!

• This is one of many gloves on the market today and this should not be considered an endorsement of this product.