Assisted Living/Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) provide personal care and safe housing for people who require supervision for medication and assistance with daily living, but who do not require 24-hour nursing care.
•Assisted living providers in California are licensed by the Department of Social Services as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs).
•The average length of stay is 28.3 months (Source: NCAL)
•Seventy-four percent of residents are female and the average age is 87 years old.
•Most residents of assisted living settings require limited assistance with the five major activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, and eating). More than half require assistance with more than one activity of daily living.
•Many residents require assistance with bathing and approximately 40 percent require some assistance with dressing. The vast majority of residents, 80 percent, require no assistance with eating, transferring, or toileting.
•Approximately 70 percent of assisted living residents moved to the residence from home and five percent from other assisted living residences. Of those leaving assisted living, 59 percent went to nursing facilities and 33 percent to hospitals. (Source: AHCA, Survey of Assisted Living Facilities, 1995)
•The majority of assisted living services are paid for with private funds. Nearly 30 percent of RCFE residents rely on SSI/SSP.
•Medicare does not pay for assisted living services under any circumstances.
As you can see from the information included the residents of the care facilities need your help and a second set of eyes. Little things matter greatly and as lawyers we would prefer you were able to work with a care home before the attention of a legal professional or a governing authority is required. The best time to deal with this or any legal matter is sooner as opposed to later. Sometimes that can’t happen and that is when we step in!
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