Personal injury claims typically boil down to our office proving someone has injuries as a result of an accident and the insurance company trying to show that the injured party was either not injured or was injured less seriously than our medical experts say they are. This typically works well and most cases are settled before they get to court. What happens when an insurance company refuses to play by the rules?
The insurance company will do anything they can to hold on to their money and that’s the nature of the beast. Each of us must follow certain rules in a personal injury lawsuit or the system will fall apart due to big issues like fraud and bad faith. When an insurance company uses the same “Expert” over and over, knowing in advance what opinion they will get, the system fails and the injured partys rights are compromised. The job of many insurance company experts is to tell their customer (the insurance company) exactly what they want to hear. When they do that they get more business and the insurance company pays less in damages.
When does the term independent go out the window? Whenever we research the background of what we call and IME (Independent Medical Examiner) and we find that, according to the reports they write that the injured party is never really injured or is always less severely injured than our treating doctors suggest, we smell a rat! In fact, we often find that the report used is called a boiler plate and little other than the name and the facts are ever changed. Sadly, we smell rats more and more these days. In fact, we read recently that an insurance IME denied disability benefits to a patient they never even examined and then decided they were able to return to their business… A business they had sold because they couldn’t do the work any longer. A bad faith lawsuit was filed and settled for over $7,000,000 dollars, $5,000,000 of this amount was punitive in order to punish the insurer for not playing by the rules. Actions like this happen daily and it requires a law firm with the courage and experience to fight this behavior. We are that law firm!
As your lawyer we are required to submit the paperwork and documentation to substantiate and prove what we allege happened and the extent of your injuries. We are accountable to both the court and the defense insurance company to get it right. Our reputation shows that we get it right and we don’t allege anything we cannot prove. As a result of this reputation we are taken much more seriously than many other law firms. You deserve an attorney that has your best interests at heart and the strength to back up what they say.
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