There are several studies that have show distracted driving of all kinds have surpassed drunk driving and buzzed driving as one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities on the road. That doesn’t mean that we’ve eliminated the threat of intoxication at the wheel. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board estimates that drunk driving still accounts for a third of all traffic fatalities, and they want to do something about it.
The NTSB has unveiled numerous new safety recommendations, some of which target drunk, impaired and buzzed driving. Among the most extreme recommendations and the one that has garnered the greatest attention is the recommendation calling for a significant reduction in the legal Blood Alcohol Content limit. At the moment, that limit is .08%, but if the NTSB gets their way, the limit would be brought down to .05%.
In defending their position the NTSB explains that having a .08% BAC doubles an individual’s chance of being in a fatal accident. And this isn’t the only measure that the NTSB hopes to see combat drunk driving. They also recommended that officers enact additional crackdowns on drinking and driving and that interlock devices which impede the ignition of a vehicle when a driver has been drinking be more widely adopted.
Not everyone is happy with these recommendations. The American Beverage Institute sees the move as an attack on moderate drinkers, as they believe that the lower limit would not help curtail the habits of those persons who already drink excessively. While one could argue that drinking and driving is a huge issue in our society there is still the question of distracted driving.
Laws against distracted driving are hardly new and have actually been in effect for more than 30 years under different names. While the use of cell phone for talking, texting and even surfing the web have caused on point laws against these activities there are other activities we do in the car that place all of us at even greater risk. The NTSB reported last week that having small children in the car is upwards of 20 times more distracting than cell phones! Please let us know when they write a law outlawing children in the car.
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