The California Highway Patrol released their preliminary report on the Limo fire that happened on the San Mateo Bay Bridge a few weeks ago. The investigation so far shows that the fire could have been prevented and lives saved if the operator had followed the rules that the manufacturer put in place when the limo was built.
A short recap on this tragic event shows that there was a bridal party of 9 in a limo that was licensed for 8 and had a professional driver operating it and the limo caught on fire while traveling at freeway speeds. By the time the driver realized what was happening and pulled to the side of the road, the rear of the limo was fully engulfed in flames and 5 occupants would subsequently lost their lives.
The investigation shows that the limo was over capacity and had 9 occupants instead of the maximum allowable 8 occupants it was designed to safely hold. Early indications are that there were not a sufficient number of seatbelts to accommodate the passengers. The weight of the extra capacity caused an undue and unexpected load on the rear shock absorbers which became overheated and started the fire. Since the driver was unaware of the fire and continued on driving the rear became an inferno and 5 of the passengers were trapped and died as a result. Our prayers go out to the families of those affected.
The takeaway from this tragedy is eye opening. Maintaining a safe exit is always of paramount importance as is having someone in control that is doing their job as demanded. It was the driver’s responsibility to make certain that the car was not overloaded and that all of the safety features of the limo were operable. Just as the pilot of an airplane is required to do, the driver of a limo is the ultimate responsible person assuring safe operation at all times. This is the reason that most companies are so adamant about details.
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