Because of the increasingly harsh federal regulations that have been established to prevent truck accidents caused by DUI, it is rare for a commercial driver to get behind the wheel of a truck while under the influence of alcohol. They are well aware that their commercial licenses can be suspended after a single infraction, costing them their income and livelihood. They know that the long term ramifications are severe and the cost to them and their family is long term.
Unfortunately, truck accidents caused by drunk driving still happen, they are usually deadly and from what the statistics show they may be on the rise. When you compare the average weight of a tractor-trailer at 80,000 pounds with the average weight of a passenger vehicle at 3,000 pounds it’s no surprise that 98% of deaths in truck accidents happen to the people in the passenger vehicles.
Frequently however, a DUI truck accident does not have to involve alcohol – much more often, a trucker will be under the influence of marijuana or methamphetamines. These are both frequently sold at truck stops. The Methamphetamines is a stimulant to help tired truckers stay awake on long drives. Although the drug may succeed in keeping drivers alert for a time, the side effects – including paranoia, poor judgment, and bad reaction time – can negate any benefits the drug offers, putting other motorists in danger. Often times a driver may attempt to counteract the meth with marijuana to relax and both of these compounds remain in your system and cause greater issues at a later time.
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