Most every law firm, regardless of their area of practice, will use private investigators for one reason or another. The typical image of a private investigator is someone in an overcoat, wearing dark glasses or some other sort of a disguise who is busily gathering information. If that’s your image we want to welcome you to the year 2013!
The private investigators we use at Guenard & Bozarth may, at times, lurk in the shadows. In reality the majority of their time is spent looking over records, names and backgrounds of witnesses and even what a police officer wrote and what their background and education is. They will also pursue information like surveillance cameras that may have captured the actual event on tape and even what one of the participants in an injury posted on a social networking site. When I tell someone about a P.I. looking on a social networking site I frequently hear that their personal page is private and that looking for them wouldn’t work. In reality, the Pentagons web site is hacked frequently and their security is a bit steeper than any social networking site.
Private Investigators that are true professionals don’t come cheap. We use the best there are and we keep them busy. We would rather have more information about a case than just enough. When we represent you, a portion of what you get is our reputation and a portion of our reputation comes from the proper use of our Private Investigators. Some people say that information is power… we disagree! We believe that information properly applied is power. When we make a demand of an insurance company we have the background and information we need to prove our position and the other side knows it! As Randy Jackson from American Idol© says “We are in it to win it!” We never want enough proof, we always want overkill.
If you have been injured and want a law firm that has the background, reputation and experience to win then you should call the Law Office of Guenard & Bozarth. We have experienced attorneys to represent your interests and the investigative background to get the facts that work in your favor. Call us at 888-809-1075 or visit us online at We Can Help!