The San Jose Mercury News reported on Sunday July 21 that the driver of the limo where five nurses died was on the phone with his estranged wife at the time of the fire. The driver initially reported that he was not on the phone or distracted and from the newest report, that appears to be false. The California Highway Patrol is following up on this new report and the estranged wife appears to support the new facts.
This is another case of distracted driving and shows that removing attention from the complex process of driving can have dire consequences. In this case we have extreme anger and the estranged wife reported that to cover up the reality of him screaming into his phone he had turned up the stereo in the limo so loud that she was unable to understand his words.
Sadly, this is becoming more and more common as more and more items become available to remove our attention from what we should be doing behind the wheel and that is driving and paying complete attention to driving. We should not be texting, talking on the phone, reading e-mails, watching DVD’s, looking at Facebook or many of the tasks we do without even considering the long term and potentially permanent ramifications.
The CHP has focused on the drive train and the limo being overloaded as the leading causes of the fire and it will be difficult to argue that if this new information is true that the problem was not made worse by the delay in response. Any time there is a fire of any magnitude seconds matter.
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