There is an interesting documentary available on Netflix called “Urbanized” – a film in which urban design and infrastructure was analyzed by various groups of people from architects, city planners, government officials to regular citizens around the world. The film focused on various ways in which architecture promoted habitability of cities (which are expected to grow enormously in population) throughout different parts of the world. One place in particular caught my attention: Copenhagen, Denmark. The system of bicycle commuting developed by local governments in Copenhagen blew my mind. Here it was: a modern city with modern lifestyles and a bicycle path for means of getting to work.
According to a quote from the New York Times “In Denmark, thanks to measures like the superhighway, commuters choose bicycles because they are the fastest and most convenient transportation option. “ In the same article, a quote reads: “A Green Light for Copenhagen’s Cyclists: A new initiative in Copenhagen aims at building miles of bicycle highways that offer cyclists a safer and faster way to commute.”
Can you imagine that? In Denmark, bicycles are safer than cars. Yet, in a country that has been a world leader in road design for the better part of the century (U.S.) bicycle infrastructure has never caught up. Tell any bicyclist in greater Sacramento that it’s safe to share the road with drivers that are texting, eating, shaving, putting on make-up and they will look at you like you’re insane.
It’s fairly common for drivers to swerve into bike lanes or fail to yield at a turn and these dangers have been present for as long as bike paths have been in place. It’s easy to put blame on reckless drivers and it’s just as easy to overlook poor bike lane design and flaws. For example, in Copenhagen, the city designed its bike paths on the outside of the parking lane which is meant to protect cyclists from the road traffic via parked cars, not the other way around. This is clearly not the situation here in the northern California where cyclists almost act as a barrier to protect parked cars!

Bike riders are not second-class citizens even though many feel this way:

Justice can only be served if there is an increased awareness in our community. The nature of bicycle accidents is horrendous to say the least, thus compensation from a personal injury case (however greater with the help from an attorney) can only go so far to treat mental wounds that result from serious injuries. Only community awareness and change in law and policy can pave the road to a safer, healthier, cleaner future.
We have experienced attorneys in our office and they are riders just like you are. They see first-hand what happens when on the seat of a bike and know the damage that inattention and poor road design can cause. If you or a loved one have been involved in a biking accident please call the experienced attorneys at the law office of Guenard and Bozarth. We will meet with you and explain your rights as they pertain to your accident and we will provide caring and compassionate representation. Feel free to call our office at 888-809-1075 or visit us at We Can Help!