When the mail came today, and our office gets a LOT of mail from a lot of insurance companies, I think I may have accidentally glanced at one of the envelopes. This was from a major insurance company and when I glanced at the back of the envelope I noticed their new campaign slogan “Go Paperless”. We want to go on record and tell the readers of this blog that insurance companies kill more trees with all of the paper that they create while they delay and deny reasonable claims than just about any other industry I can think of.
Not only do most insurance companies evaluate cases in an extremely unfair manner, but they create more paper by denying claims, sending unnecessary letters and then forcing us to litigate matters that could easily be settled if a fair offer was made.
We are not the only firm that has noticed this. There are currently several campaigns by different plaintiffs Lawyers to address the unreasonably low offers from Insurance companies from Farmers Insurance and State Farm Insurance, among others. Knowing what we know, it is actually offensive that insurance companies waste time and paper doing what they do while encouraging you to “Go paperless”. We advise our clients to create a “paper trail” because good, hard evidence often is the deciding factor in the cases we have and for the people we represent. The insurance companies are better able to employ the 3D campaign when paper is not being used as it should. That campaign is delay, deny and defend. This is never an advantage for you.
If you want us to let you in on some of the other methods these companies have to keep you from getting what you deserve a call to our office is a great place to start. We know what the “tricks of the insurance defense trade” are and what to do about them. Call us at 888-809-1075 and talk to a real live attorney about your case and what steps you need to take to get what you deserve. The consultation and advice are free. Also, you can go to http://www.gblegal.com where we have free reports and other resources that will better arm you to fight and win. We Can Help!