We had a new client recently that had an accident where there were 2 responsible parties for the same accident. The client thought that this would present a problem when in reality what it calls for is a competent law firm like you will find at Guenard & Bozarth. Here are the facts.
The facts show that our client was the front seat passenger and the driver wasn’t paying close attention and he rear ended a parked car. This is clearly not the fault of the passenger. Moments after the impact with the parked car they were rear ended by someone who was watching what had happened in front of her and neglected to avoid the accident and rear ended our client. This was a very bad day for our client.
Who is at fault for this/these accidents? The reality is that they are BOTH at fault and our client can reasonably collect from both at fault drivers. Each of these drivers has their own percentage of fault and this is where investigation and legal experience matters so much. We can expect and plan on each side saying the other was primarily responsible and as a result their level of responsibility is diminished. While this is what they want to see happen it does not reflect reality.
While this appears to be a single accident it is actually 2 separate accidents and each should be dealt with on their own merits. This is why we tell people that we have over 70 years of legal experience inside this office and one of our attorneys was a personal injury defense attorney for almost 20 years. This gives you the comfort of knowing how the other side thinks and what to do to combat that line of thinking.
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