The Wrongful Death trial involving the estate of Michael Jackson has finally been handed to the jury and the waiting begins. What will be the eventual outcome of this action is anyone’s guess. The facts the jury must consider are great and complex and I am certain they will take their duties seriously.
Some people wonder why there is an action taking place at all when one of the biggest portions of the actions is the claim regarding the amount of money that Michael Jackson would have earned if he had lived. Since he had lots of money why does that matter? The reality is that the situation with his family is the same as anyone else’s. The future earnings of someone are a critical factor to any case and one that we take seriously. We are pleased to see the attorneys for the Jackson family are taking it seriously as well.
When potential earnings are taken away from someone by the negligent actions of another someone should be held accountable. This standard applies for everyone from a pop star to a construction worker. When time spent working and earning money is denied to someone due to an injury at the hands of another we get to work on that portion of the claim. How can we verify what someone could have earned and what proof can we produce? Sometimes this is easy, often times not! The other side will do everything in their power to show that you were not damaged and that you could have worked had you wanted to. We must prove different and frequently prevail. This standard applies to employment and to the time you spend with your family and loved ones. The key here is to have an attorney that has the experience to focus on the entire picture and not just the easy part. This is exactly what is happening with the Michael Jackson case. You deserve nothing less for your case!
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