What happens when a reality show like Jersey Shore takes reality too far and people get injured? In the specific case of Jersey Shore it can bring about a lawsuit as a result of injuries that are caused by the intentional acts of the participants of the show.
Recently there was a woman from Illinois that sued MTV alleging that the actors in the once popular show intentionally assaulted her during the taping of the show. The specific actors named in the lawsuit were the producer, JWow (Jenni Farley) and Snooki (Nicole Polizzi). The suit alleges “. . . Multiple individuals have been injured by employees of corporate defendants for this television show during instances in which cast members have gotten into physical altercations with innocent bystanders during the show’s taping. . . Employees are employed and/or instructed to cause injury to others so that the show’s content can be developed to generate profits when airing the show.” This verbiage was taken directly from the complaint that was filed.
This is hardly the first allegation of violence against cast members of Jersey Shore. A few weeks before the current allegation another member allegedly struck a different woman in a different nightclub in Miami. To date there are at least 4 other people with cases pending against both MTV and the show’s producers and the common threads to these complaints are fights and intentional violence to drive both ratings and profits. It would seem that violence both sells well and attracts lawsuits at the same time.
An earlier claim involves a woman who was assaulted for simply talking to an unidentified male cast member of the show. In this case she is asking for $75,000 in emotional and physical damages and is also demanding that the episode be prevented from airing. Her long term fear is that airing the show will cause further damage to her reputation and this could cause her long term harm by taking her image into the spotlight without her care, control or permission. Others that have been thrust into the spotlight allege that they have been fired from jobs and ended up with a divorce as a result of their unwanted notoriety. When things go too far and people get injured something must be done.
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