Many people tell me I’m blessed because I don’t have to commute up highway 99 daily during rush hour and then return home during rush hour at 5. During the commute times I listen to the radio however and I am always entertained by the traffic reporting and the value judgments they make regarding automobile accidents and injuries… especially the lack of injuries.
Whenever I hear that there is a “fender bender” or any of the other amusing terms that traffic reporters use to describe an accident and they follow that up with the information there were no injuries I always wonder what they consider injuries. If you have had the unfortunate experience of being involved in what gets described as a “minor accident” you may know what I mean.
The day of the accident you may see your Doctor or you may just take some pain meds, complain about your car being damaged (or marvel at the lack of apparent damage) and go to bed. Often times you wake up the next morning and you may feel just OK. Not good or what is normal, just ok. As you go through your day you tire easily and may be a little grouchy. Nothing to indicate there is a problem. Things may get slowly worse over the next few days as your body gets tired of hurting and dealing with the consequences of that minor little accident.
The reality is that whenever a 2500 pound car hits your car things get damaged. Sometimes it’s a bumper, maybe a fender, often a neck and sometimes even teeth. The reality is that you should always respect that your body has undergone a traumatic event that needs to be respected and dealt with properly. There does not always need to be blood and broken bones present to support the reality of injuries.
If you have been hit and experience anything out of the usual you should be evaluated by a health care practitioner that is experienced in the sorts of trauma you may have as a result of an accident. Don’t know anyone? We work with some of the best! We are the Law Office of Guenard & Bozarth and you can call us 24/7/365 and talk to an attorney. We can send you to a provider of care who will evaluate your condition and help you. Call us at 888-809-1075 or visit us at We Can Help!