If we have been successful in growing older we have to remember that falls are one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries throughout the nation. By proactively taking steps to prevent falls, we are taking steps to prevent traumatic brain injuries. According to the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, somewhere between 20 percent and 30 percent of people who fall sustain moderate to severe personal injuries. Falls among older adults have increased substantially with sometimes devastating results. In 2010 the last year that accurate statistics are available for, over 2.3 million non fatal but serious personal injuries were recorded among older adults.
The cost of treating these sorts of injuries is staggering. Treatment for fall related injuries in older adults alone exceed $27 billion and is expected to exceeds $54 billion by 2020. To compound these statistics we also know that once an older person falls and mobility is decreased, the risk of additional injuries goes up as well.
So, here are some simple steps that you can take in order to make your home a little safer and hopefully prevent a fall from ever happening.
• Stay in shape. Not everyone can run a marathon in their spare time, but everyone is capable of doing something to stay physically fit – walking, swimming and doing whatever you can do and as often as you can. The goal here is improving your balance and promoting strength, bone health and coordination.
• Keep walkways inside and out of your home clear. This means stairs, patios, back-yards, garages, family rooms, bedrooms, everywhere you or someone else might be walking.
• Even if you believe you see just fine you still need to get your vision checked. And, if you need new glasses, get them and wear them, both around the house and driving.
• Using non-slip mats in your tubs and showers, removing throw rugs or securing them to the floor to prevent slipping, and installing handrails on staircases are precautions that will pay dividends.
• Making time to talk to your doctor about the medications you’re taking and finding out which ones might cause you to be lightheaded and then taking appropriate precautions while on these medications.
Preventing injuries is always better and easier than dealing with a new injury. Whenever we work with an older person who has been injured in a fall a lot of the work and responsibility falls on an adult child who may not have the time or financial resources to handle everything that needs to be done.
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