No matter how many precautions they take, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable whenever they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Observing legal speed limits, having the proper safety equipment and being vigilant at all times while driving is essential at all times in order to avoid potentially fatal motorcycle injuries.
A motorcycle accident occurred recently in the early morning hours just west of Highway 99, north of Manteca. A large semi truck drove across the path of a 24-year-old motorcyclist. From the evidence collected at the scene it appears the rider had no chance to prevent hitting the truck’s rear axle. A second vehicle collided with the motorcyclist, who became trapped underneath it as it burst into flames.
The semi truck driver paused and then fled the scene. Construction workers from a nearby work site gave chase while others remained to attempt to give aid to the young rider. The California Highway Patrol was ultimately able to catch up with the semi truck driver. He was not arrested or charged at that point, although later the CHP suggested to San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office that the truck driver be charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as driving with a suspended license. He was also accused of a felony level hit and run.
The result of his motorcycle injuries has surely affected the young man’s family and friends deeply. In California, the law allows his surviving family to bring legal action against the truck driver for monetary damages such as funeral and burial costs, among other financial losses. This type of legal claim is known as a wrongful death lawsuit, and the trucker’s employer would normally be added as a defendant to the litigation since they either knew or reasonably should have known that the drivers license was suspended.
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