Your personal injury case is almost settled! Whew! We filed a lawsuit against the negligent party responsible for your injuries and the end is near. You’ve been patient and we’ve worked hard and your lawsuit has been settled. Congratulations! Now what? If you are like many injured victims, you are likely be wondering how we calculated what your case is actually worth. What do we take into effect and consider before you are awarded compensation? When awarding damages in any type of injury case, the defense attorney will take several aspects of the accident into consideration, including:
• Injury severity.
• Effect on the overall physical health of the injured victim
• Effect on the overall mental health of the injured victim
• Physical pain… both past and the future
• Mental anguish… both past and the future
• Long term complications or effects of the injuries
• Disfigurement
• Humiliation or embarrassment associated with injury
• Medical expenses
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Long-term care expenses
• Lost wages
• Loss of potential earnings
• Future medical or rehabilitation expenses
• Loss of quality of life
• And more
Once all of these factors have been considered we use the information to determine the appropriate amount of compensation to work toward. The defense must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the injuries were caused by the negligent party and that those injuries led to significant physical, emotional, and mental anguish. Medical expense receipts, doctor’s testimonies, and calculations for lost wages are all very critical pieces of information that will be required during a personal injury trial.
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