man-in-wharehouse-300x200We a read a blog recently from the Expert Institute about a man who suffered a horrible injury at a large retail store also referred to as a “Big Box Store”. This man was paralyzed as a result of an accident that happened while he was shopping with his wife after some of the store’s inventory was placed in a negligent manner on the overhead shelves This is something that we see far too frequently and we agree with the entire post.
It has been our experience and the experience of several of our clients that shopping in many of these so called big-box stores can be hazardous to your health. Since inventory is stacked as much as 18 feet off the ground it sets up a situation where danger is hanging above you that you may never notice. The reason these stores keep inventory in this manner is simple… it saves them millions of dollars. When they buy in bigger quantity they save money and supposedly pass the savings on to the consumer. While they may pass the savings along they are also placing shoppers in harm’s way.
There is little supervision when the stock has been placed above the shopping area and the slightest movement can cause a shock wave that travels the entire length of a shopping aisle. The rack above you may move unexpectedly and jar something above you loose and that may be the last straw. Severe injuries are commonplace in stores like this. After an injury they may have you fill out an accident report and promise to take care of your injuries, but they seldom actually do. Our office has a long history of holding these stores accountable!
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