An Alameda County jury scored a victory for the little guy this week when they returned a verdict for over $14 Million dollars for a Richmond woman who suffered a broken back while riding in a bus. The bus hit a speed bump at over twice the speed limit and that through the woman into the air. She landed with such severe force on the seat back that she broke a vertebra in her back.
What was most interesting about this verdict is that the plaintiff’s attorney used the transit companies on board camera to prove that the accident in the exact manner as the plaintiff reported and it also recorded the driver’s outburst at the passenger. Bus driver Dollie Gilmore accused the injured woman of lying about the injury and threatened prosecution! Since all of this was caught on video, the victim’s attorney was able to prove that the driver was going over twice the speed limit in a school zone when the injury occurred and that the victim was in fact thrown from her seat.
Alameda County Transit fought this case tooth and nail, even in the presence of their own video evidence that supported the facts of the case. Alameda County refused to settle the case and as a result the jury returned this extraordinary verdict. The jury also awarded the victims daughter $1 Million dollars for emotional distress as a result of this injury.
Transit spokesman Clarence Johnson said that “Given what happened, we would never have expected something like that to have occurred” and we agree. We also know that the driver had a responsibility to take the appropriate measures when a passenger reports an injury on her bus. It does not appear that the driver has the background to decide on whether or not an injury occurred and certainly should never threaten prosecution. Thank goodness for videotape evidence! After this extraordinary verdict including the below standard of care actions of driver Gillmore, it is astonishing to know that she is still employed by Alameda County Transit!
We applaud the result in this case. Someone was horribly injured and the responsible party was held accountable for both their actions and lack of actions. The victim in this case had a proactive personal injury attorney that looked out for her best interests. If you have been injured in a transportation accident you need an advocate that has you in mind. At the Law Office of Guenard & Bozarth we fight for you and leave no stone unturned. Call us at 888-809-1075 or visit our web site at You can talk to an attorney 24/7/365 with just a phone call. We Can Help!