The children of the comedian who was killed in the same accident that seriously injured Tracy Morgan are getting a $30 million dollar settlement from Walmart according to court documents.  A portion of the payments to the children are being structured in the form of annuities.

The documents filed show that the children, Jamel McNair aged 26 and Denita McNair aged 19 are putting part of the payments toward annuities that will pay them ever increasing amounts and the initial amount will be $3000 per month.  The manner in which the payments are structured assure that the payments will continue for the rest of their natural lives.  The $10 Million that is being invested in the annuities was disclosed in documents filed in New York’s Westchester County where the Comedian lived until the June 7 accident that took his life.

The facts of the accident show that a Walmart truck hit a limo van that was carrying McNair, Morgan and others from a comedy show in Delaware.  It is currently alleged that the driver of the Walmart truck was sleep deprived and Walmart had reason to know he was sleep deprived.  The families have taken action against Walmart and the truck driver Kevin Roper.  The driver has been changed with death by auto and other offenses in the state of New Jersey and has not yet been indicted.

We applaud the diligence of the attorneys who are representing Jamel and Denita McNair in working toward a settlement that is fair and assures compensation for a death that should not have happened.  At Guenard & Bozarth we often represent families where a loved one has been killed by someone else’s negligence as it appears happened in this case.  The pain of the family and friends is real and devastating.

If you have had a loved one that you suspect has been killed or seriously injured due to anothers negligence it is imperative that you contact the Law Office of Guenard & Bozarth.  We have the experience and compassion you need at a time like this.  We can be reached at 888-809-1075 or on line at  We Can Help!