There was an accident in Southern California recently that took the life of a 53 year old woman.  There is nothing about this accident that had to happen.  The grim reality is that there is a family who has to move on without a mom, a daughter and a sister as a result of a mattress that fell onto the freeway because it was not secured properly.  Here is what happened and what should happen next.

Cynthia Brock was driving on the 55 freeway when a mattress that fell from another vehicle caused a chain of events.  Ms. Brock attempted to avoid the mattress and as a result the car she was driving struck the center barrier which in turn caused the driver of a Honda to hit her head on.  The accident and subsequent collision resulted in fatal injuries to Ms. Brock.  It was later learned that the driver of the Honda was under the influence at the time of the collision and was taken into custody.  In all there was 1 person killed and at least 2 others seriously injured.

Certainly the mattress on the freeway appears to be the initial cause of the accident.  However, we can never know for certain if the driver of the Honda had been sober that Ms. Brock would still be alive today.  This is a terrible tragedy for the families of Ms. Brock and for the other 2 people that were injured.  Our thoughts are with all of the victims.  Situations like this require skilled attorneys and investigators to review the facts so they can be presented to those that are responsible.  It is natural to deflect as much blame as possible such as those responsible for dropping the mattress saying it was the person driving the Honda that caused the accident and the person in the Honda saying it was the person dropping the mattress that bears the blame.  We know that they are both to blame and that is why we investigate.

The next time you see something like a mattress, ladder or chair on the freeway keep this case in mind and drive accordingly.  If you are involved in an accident like this your next call should be to the Law office of Guenard & Bozarth at 888-809-1075 or by visiting   We have the experience and investigators to get to the bottom of situations like this and we can do it for you as well.