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I hate delivering news that falls into the category of really bad news. Last week was not good!

We had a family that was recently involved in a horrible accident here in town.  They came to our office for help.  We made certain that their medical issues were being taken care of first (they were) and that the status of their car repair was being seen to.  It was as well.  The next action was to contact the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident and notify them that we were on the case.  That’s where the horrible news came into play.  The driver that hit them let their insurance lapse and there is NO INSURANCE!  We have a family with injuries, they cannot work as a result of their injuries and their agent saved them a few dollars and wrote minimum coverage.  That now means minimum coverage for their own injuries.

They will get their car repaired.  We will be able to offer some monetary help for their injuries but this accident will cost them time, money and pain with no one that can really be held accountable.  The reality is that when this family first came into the office they said they were not the “type to sue” but based on how severe the injuries are they knew they needed some help.  We will give them as much help as we can.  The grim reality is that the other driver having no insurance and our client having minimal insurance there will be only so much we can do.  Please take a look at your personal policy and make certain you have limits that you are comfortable with.  If you want to know more just leave us an e-mail and we will talk about this in our next blog.

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When the average person hears the term class action they believe that someone is going to be held responsible for  something and that a big group has more clout than a small group.  A lot of people were injured and someone has to be made to pay and a class action provides the fastest and fairest way to make this happen.  Right?  This is a good theory that seldom works out in the manner we hope it will.

While Class Action lawsuits offer some benefits like efficiency, compensation for everyone involved and security in numbers there are also significant downsides.  When a group has problems it is expected that some are worse than others.  How do your issues stack up against the rest?  Will the person with minimal issues receive identical compensation for their injuries as you who may be more injured?  If the group judgment is large will there be funds to pay the judgment?  Class actions benefit people whose injuries are similar in nature such as a victim of a monetary fraud.

With the DePuy hip replacement the long term results can range from a great result all the way to death.  Some of the more severe have to undergo a replacement of the replacement and this can lead to more recovery and a lifetime of medical issues that may never resolve.

The legal system we use allows for the individual to have their day in court and this allows them to be heard.  If you choose to have your claim heard in this manner we can still take advantage of class action information such a medical reports, additional discovery and other trial proceedings that have gone on in other jurisdictions.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a DePuy hip replacement you should seriously consider talking to Guenard and Bozarth.  We will ensure that your claim is taken seriously and that you get the one-on-one attention your claim deserve’s instead of the class action route and settling for far less than you deserve. If you call one of the professionals at Guenard and Bozarth at 916-714-7672 we can work with you to schedule a knowledgeable medical professional to perform the appropriate exams and determine if this is an issue. You may need to hire a hip replacement lawyer from Guenard and Bozarth to help you collect compensation in a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit to recover immediate and future medical expenses.  By going to and completing the contact form one of our attorneys will schedule a no cost consultation with you.